Feb 11

The Sky Is the Limit

As more businesses prepare for a return to the office, a space refresh is in order.  As we encounter more of these renovations, we find ourselves installing very complex and intricate specialty ceiling systems.  These systems often include an acoustic feature, a unique design, as well as a specialty lighting addition.

Ceiling tiles still have their place; however, even these will now be part of a floating ceiling system, or incorporate a beautifully designed light fixture.

When installing complex ceiling systems, knowledge, experience, and adaptability are of the utmost importance.

This begins in preconstruction by a close examination of the drawings, and recognizing the unique finishes.  That’s actually when communication with our field team begins – even before we are awarded a project.

An important aspect of experience and knowledge is knowing how much specific labor may be needed for each product, or what components may be shipped along with the product itself.





For example, a certain type of acoustic system may involve a complex assembly of drops, which contributes to a significant amount of labor in the field.

Another system may require a special layout to incorporate light fixtures and sprinklers.  Another product may require extra field labor to install pin lights on each individual metal ceiling panel, plus two people to install three separate sheets per panel.

In the field, our experience installing many different ceiling systems allows us to work more efficiently and solve problems before they actually materialize.

We are able to quickly adapt as field conditions could change everyday.  The result is the schedule is on time, the project remains on budget, and clients can look up to see beautiful ceiling systems with a modern feel and practical use.

When it comes to specialty ceilings, the sky really is the limit.

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