Mar 06

“Capitol Drywall Saves the Day”

We recently received a fantastic email from rand* Senior Project Manager Clayton Dietze, with the subject as “Capitol Drywall Saves the Day.”

Clayton writes:

“Seriously you all just pulled off a miracle to help us pass our most important inspection on the project!!!

I can not thank your team enough for your efforts today, the entire project and all the time!
Long story short, fire marshal was going to fail us due to temp opening in plywood. Said she would stay while we fix it or fail us. Just so happened capitol building supply was here with a pick up and had drywall on the truck. Between [your superintendent Francisco Velasquez and foreman Francisco Ponce] and the office they bartered to get some sheets. Never seen a wall get finished so fast, best teamwork [I’ve] ever been a part of for such a critical milestone.
This is what is all about guys – your efforts have been so amazing here!!
We hit our substantial completion / final inspection date on the build out to the day!!! Couldn’t have done it with out you and I couldn’t be more proud.”
Thank you, Clayton, for the kind words.  We enjoy serving all of our clients in this manner because we value our partnerships as the most important aspect of our business.

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